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Comparator Drugs

Our company deals in a broad diversity of Comparator Drugs and likewise support in medical projects. These drugs effectively discover applications in various clinical trials for varied medical researches and conditions. Considering the elevated danger linked and the demanded accuracy required in this field, our company only deals in potent Comparator Drugs that are formulated with potent compounds and agents for curing numerous chronic and light-risk diseases. These drugs made include oncology injectable, radiation oncology medicines, drugs for organs and many more. in addition, the offered Comparator Drugs are of elevated quality with minimum posed side effects. These drugs are highly trusted by hospitals, clinics, doctors and allied people or institutions. However, they are provided at greatly competitive rates in the market.

Key Features:

  • Best drugs for organs
  • Used for varied clinical researches and trails
  • Have potent elements and compounds
  • Comprise least side effects and elevated formulation quality

Erlotinib Tablets

These Erlotinib Tablets are additionally acknowledged as Tarceva. These are basically pills that are meant to be taken orally one time a day with having an empty stomach. They are beneficial for curing the customers advanced-phase pancreatic cancer or big cell lung cancer. These tablets are suggested by the doctors to the individuals, who have chances of cancer spread in different parts of their body and to those, who have specific kinds of epidermal development factor receptor mutations. In addition, the doctors may do some tests prior to referring the customers with our Erlotinib Tablets to ensure these are appropriate for the health.

Key Features:

  • They are effective and safe
  • These have FDA-affirmed prescribing information
  • Beneficial in advanced-phase pancreatic cancer
  • Come in blend with gemcitabine

Comparator Drug

Comparator Drug 

Ours is  a noted firm, which is engaged in offering Comparator Drug. As per the demands of clients, we also offer different types of innovators and branded products for clinical trials and research. The drugs and medicines offered by us are formulated in advanced facilities. We offer these drugs to the clients at affordable price range. Our Comparator Drug are widely used in different clinical research institutes, hospitals, medical centers and other areas. 

Products Under Development
  • Erlotinib Tablets
  • Trastazumab Injection
  • Rituximab Injection
  • Interferon Alpha / Beta / Gamma
  • Lipid Complex - Doxorubucin
  • Sorafenib Tablets.

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