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Biopharmaceutical Products

These Biopharmaceutical Products are mainly medical medicines that are formulated by using biotechnology procedures. They are primarily antibodies, RNA acids, DNA acids, and antisense oligonucleotides that are used in vivo diagnostic and for therapeutic purposes. These products are formulated by the distinctive methods that are different than direct extrication through a non-engineered biological source. In addition, the primarily approved Biopharmaceutical Products for medicinal applications was recombinant insulin for humans. The major classification of our products is known as pharmaceuticals that are obtained from life forms. An effective technique of formulating our products includes transgenic organisms that are particularly obtained from animals and plants that have been hereditarily adapted to make drugs.

Key Features:

  • Used for medical purposes
  • Derived from plants and animals transgenic organisms
  • Have DNA and RNA nucleic acids
  • Mainly used as recombinant human insulin

Pharmaceutical Products

We have gained immense reputation in the market as a leading organization engaged in offering our clients Pharmaceutical Products. These products include injectables, syrups, tablets and capsules. These products are formulated at our sophisticated processing unit using high quality compounds. Our products are highly demanded in health centers, medical clinics and nursing homes. Packed in moisture free materials, these Pharmaceutical Products are available in different quantity packaging options. We offer these products at affordable prices. 


  • Extended shelf life
  • Highly effective
  • Assurance of positive result

Anesthetic Drugs

Anesthetic Drugs

Common anesthesia is the introduction of a balanced state of unconsciousness along with the absence of any kind of pain sensation and paralysis of skeletal muscle all over the body. It is introduced through the management of anesthetic drugs and given to the patient in the duration of major surgery and other invasive surgical procedures.

General anesthesia is gives the following signs in the body after consumption:

  • Analgesia or pain relief
  • Amnesia or loss of memory of the procedure
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Motionlessness
  • Weakening of autonomic responses

Biopharmaceutical Equipment

These products are produced using biotechnology. In this field we are recognized amongst trusted organization engaged in offering our clients Biopharmaceutical Products. These products are used in medical clinics and health centers for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes. These products are processed in compliance with FDA and under the supervision of skilled physicians. These products are extracted from biological sources. Most of the Biopharmaceutical Products are produced by recombinant DNA. We offer these products at market leading prices.


  • Highly effective
  • Safe to use
  • Free from adulteration


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